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Have you played the Wordle today without unraveling the target word? Worry no more. The Wordle game answer for today May 31, 2022 Wordle #346 is  MANOR.

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What is Wordle game?

Wordle is a daily word game where a player guesses a five-letter word in six attempts. Your objective is to unravel the target word through guesswork. This game is published by the New York Times Company. Each day, only a single solution is correct.

Where to Play Wordle Game.

The Wordle game is played online. Go to any browser and search the Wordle game. Click on the games website nytimes.com. Once you click on the link, you will be directed to where you can play the game. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to play the game for beginners.

How to Play the Wordle Game.

To play the game, you need to make your first guess of a five-letter word. The letters will appear in three different colors which have a meaning as defined below.

  1. Grey-it means that letter is not in the target word. Your next guess should not contain that letter.

2. Yellow– this means that letter is available in the word only that it’s placed on the wrong port within the grid. Try to come up with a different word with that letter but at a different spot.

3. Green– this color means the letter is in the word and it is sitting in the right place.

In our above guess, only the letter N is in the target word and should be maintained in our next guess but the rest of the letters should be dropped. Now it’s time to make a second guess.

In our second guess, the word north has two letters in yellow. The letters are however sitting in the wrong spot. In our next guess, our word should have the two letters at a different location.

The third guess above has not borne fruit as we have just two correct letters out of five and they are in a different space.

The fourth guess of the word drink has four letters in green. This guest has four-letter in the target word and they are sitting in the right spot. The next task will be to find the first letter correct.

Finally the correct answer for the wordle is brink as all the letters bear a green color meaning they all sit in the correct spot and we have our five-letter word.

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