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What is the Nerdle answer Today.

Have you played the Nerdle today without unraveling the correct computation? Worry no more as we have already worked it out. The Nerdle #131 answer for today May 30, 2022, is  103-97=6

Previous Nerdle Answers

  • The Nerdle answer May 31, 2022, is 45 – 30 = 15
  • The Nerdle answer May 30, 2022, is 11+5-8=8
  • The Nerdle answer May 25, 2022, is 4+1*8=12
  • The Nerdle answer May 24, 2022, is 8 – 25 / 5 = 3
  • The Nerdle answer May 23, 2022, is 81-68=13
  • The Nerdle answer May 21, 2022, is 301/43=7
  • The Nerdle answer May 21, 2022, is 96-17=79
  • The Nerdle answer May 20, 2022, is 99*4=296
  • The Nerdle answer May 19, 2022, is 49-9*5=4
  • The Nerdle answer May 18, 2022, is 18/6+6=9
  • The Nerdle answer May 16, 2022, is 14+46=60
  • The Nerdle answer May 15,2022 is 74+25=99
  • The Nerdle answer May 14,2022 is 74+25=99
  • The Nerdle answer May 13, 2022 is 6*5/15=2
  • The Nerdle answer May 12, 2022 is 7*82=574
  • The Nerdle answer May 11, 2022 is 357/7=51
  • The Nerdle answer May 10, 2022 is 44-5*7=9
  • The Nerdle answer May 9, 2022 is 9=6*4=33

What is Nerdle game?

Nerdle is a daily math game where a player guesses the Nerdle in six attempts. Your objective is to unravel the target calculation through guesswork, each guess is a calculation. Each day, only a single solution is correct.

This game was inspired by the Wordle game a similar game where players guess a word. The four pioneers of the Nerdle namely; Richard, Marcus, Gavin, and Alex were lovers of mathematics and came up with this game.

Where to Play Nerdle Game.

The Nerdle game is played online. Go to any browser and search Nerdle. Click on the games website Once you click on the link, you will be directed to where you can play the game. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to play the game for beginners.

How to Play the Nerdle Game.

To play the game, you need to make your first guess of mathematically correct computation. The numbers will appear in three different colors which have a meaning as defined below.

1. Black-it means that number is not in the calculation. Your next guess should not contain that letter. However, for double solution, one color tile and one black will be valid.

2. Purple– this means that number is available in the calculation only that its placed on wrong port within the grid. Try to come up with a different computation with that number but at a different spot.

3.Green– this color means the number is in the calculation and it is sitting in the right place.

In the above example, only number 9 is in the target calculation and should be maintained in the next guess but the rest of the numbers should be dropped.

In the second example, the number two is in purple color.  This means the number should be in the calculation but needs to be moved to a different spot because it is sitting in the wrong spot

Finally, if you see a number display a black color, then it means the number is not supposed to be in the calculation except for double computation.


Frequently asked questions

What is the Nerdle?

Nerdle is a daily math game where a player guesses the Nerdle in six attempts. Your objective is to unravel the target calculation through guesswork, each guess is a calculation. Each day, only a single solution is correct.

Can I play the Nerdle more than once?

There is only one Nerdel in every day. This means once you have the correct answer you will not be able to play until the reset time reaches.

What is the Nerdle reset time?

Each day at midnight the Nerdle reset. The GMT,UK time is the baseline for reset. If you are in other time zones, the reset time is as below.

  • 4 pm PST
  • 7 pm EST
  • 1 am CET
  • 9 am JST
  • 11 am AET

What are the Nerdle game types?

The Nerdle has three different game types namely speed, instant, and pro. The mini Nerdle has 6 digits, speed nerdle as the name suggest is where you have limited time to make your guess while the instant Nerdle provides you with all the digits but allows you to only make one guess which must be correct.

Can I play previous Nerdles?

Yes, a player can participate in previous Nerdles by simply including the date in front of the nerdle website link so that it filters out the nerdle for that specific date you wish to play.

What does guess doesn’t compute mean?

This error is displayed when either the right and left-hand side figures are not balancing or when the player keys in a computation that is not mathematically correct.

What is the order of operation?

Remember the basic mathematics logic of BODMAS? This is exactly the principle that applies here and it means some symbols take precedent. We have expanded the operation below.







Can I share my Nerdle answer?

The best feeling after playing the Nerdle is finding the correct answer. You would like to share the same with your friends on Whatsup, Facebook, or Twitter and you are wondering how to do it. All you need is to click on the share button.

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