La Liga Top Scorers and Golden Boot winners by season

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The La Liga is a Spanish football league contested by 20 teams each season with 38 games played between August and May of the following year. A team that finishes at the top position will win the La Liga League trophy.

La Liga clubs also fight for a spot to take part in the European competitions. Teams that finish second, third and fourth positions qualify for UEFA Champions League while positions five and six get a ticket for UEFA Europa League.

In every single season, a player who scores the most goals in the La Liga is awarded the Golden Boot, the player with the most assists takes home the award of a playmaker of the season, and the goalkeeper with the most clean sheets wins the Golden Gloves.

Since La Liga was started in the year 1929, a number of players have emerged as the leading goal scorers with Paco Bienzobas of Real Sociedad being the first to win the Golden Boot. Lionel Messi is the player with a record of most awards winning it on eight occasions.

Alfredo Di Stefano, Quini, and Hugo Sanchez are other players that have finished as top scorers in five seasons. Messi scored the most goals in a single campaign during the 2011-15 season after scoring 50 goals. He is also the all-time top scorer with 474 goals.

La Liga Golden Boot Winners

2020-21Lionel MessiUruguayBarcelona 2731
2019-20Lionel MessiArgentinaBarcelona3035
2018-19Lionel MessiArgentinaBarcelona2533
2017-18Lionel MessiArgentinaBarcelona3634
2016-17Lionel MessiArgentinaBarcelona3734
2015–16Luis SuárezArgentinaBarcelona4035
2014–15         Cristiano RonaldoPortugalReal Madrid4835
2013–14Cristiano RonaldoPortugalReal Madrid3130
2012–13Lionel MessiArgentinaBarcelona4632
2011–12Lionel MessiArgentinaBarcelona5037
2010–11Cristiano RonaldoPortugalReal Madrid4034
2009–10Lionel Messi   ArgentinaBarcelona3435
2008–09Diego Forlan   UruguayAtletico Madrid3233
2006–08Daniel Guiza   SpainMallorca2737
2006-07Ruud van Nistelrooy    NetherlandsReal Madrid2537
2005–06Samuel Eto’oCameroonBarcelona2634
2004–05Samuel Eto’oCameroonBarcelona2537
2004–05Diego Forlan   UruguayVillarreal2538
2003–04RonaldoBrazilReal Madrid2432
2002–03Roy MakaayNetherlandsDeportivo La Coruna2938
2001–02Diego TristanSpainDeportivo La Coruna2035
2000–01RaulSpainReal Madrid2436
1999–00Salva BallestaSpainRacing Santander2736
1998–99RaulSpainReal Madrid2537
1997–98Christian VieriItalyAtletico Madrid2424
1995–96Juan Antonio PizziSpainTenerife3141
1994–95Ivan ZamoranoChileReal Madrid2838
1992–93BebetoBrazilDeportivo La Coruna2937
1991-92ManoloSpainAtletico Madrid2736
1990-91Emilio ButraguenoSpainReal Madrid1935
1989–90Hugo sanchezMexicoReal Madrid3835
1988–89BaltazarBrazilAtletico Madrid3536
1987–88Hugo sanchezMexicoReal Madrid2936
1986–87Hugo sanchezMexicoReal Madrid3441
1985–86Hugo sanchezMexicoReal Madrid2233
1984–85Hugo sanchezMexicoAtletico Madrid1933
1983–84JuanitoSpainReal Madrid1731
1983–84Jorge da SilvaUruguayValladolid1730
1982–83Poli RinconSpainReal Betis2030
1979-80QuiniSpainSporting Gijon2434
1978-79Hans KranklAustriaBarcelona2930
1977-78Mario KempesArgentinaValencia2834
1976-77Mario KempesArgentinaValencia2434
1975-76QuiniFrancoist SpainSporting Gijon2134
1974-75CarlosFrancoist SpainAthletic Bilbao1932
1973-74QuiniFrancoist SpainSporting Gijon2034
1972-73MarianinFrancoist SpainOviedo1932
1971-72Enrique PortaFrancoist SpainGranada2031
1970-71Carles RexachFrancoist SpainBarcelona1728
1970-71Jose Eulogio GarateFrancoist SpainAtletico Madrid1728
1969-70AmancioFrancoist SpainReal Madrid1630
1969-70Luis AragonesFrancoist SpainAtletico Madrid1630
1969-70Jose Eulogio GarateFrancoist SpainAtletico Madrid1629
1968-69Jose Eulogio GarateFrancoist SpainAtletico Madrid1430
1968-69AmancioFrancoist SpainReal Madrid1429
1967-68Fidel UriarteFrancoist SpainAthletic Bilbao2224
1965-66Luis AragonesFrancoist SpainAtletico Madrid1828
1964-65Cayetano ReParaguayBarcelona2630
1963-64Ferenc PuskasHungaryReal Madrid2125
1962-63Ferenc PuskasHungaryReal Madrid2630
1961-62Juan SeminarioPeruZaragoza2530
1960-61Ferenc PuskasHungaryReal Madrid2828
1959-60Ferenc PuskasHungaryReal Madrid2524
1958-59Alfredo di StefanoArgentinaReal Madrid2328
1957-58Ricardo AlosFrancoist SpainValencia1929
1957-58Alfredo di StefanoArgentinaReal Madrid1930
1957-58Manuel BadenesFrancoist SpainValladolid1929
1956-57Alfredo di StefanoArgentinaReal Madrid3130
1955-56Alfredo di StefanoArgentinaReal Madrid2430
1954-55Juan ArzaFrancoist SpainSevilla2829
1953-54Alfredo di StefanoArgentinaReal Madrid27       28
1952-53Telmo ZarraFrancoist SpainAthletic Bilbao2429
1951-52PahinoFrancoist SpainReal Madrid2827
1950-51Telmo ZarraFrancoist SpainAthletic Bilbao3830
1949-50Telmo ZarraFrancoist SpainAthletic Bilbao2426
1948-49CesarFrancoist SpainBarcelona2724
1947-48PahinoFrancoist SpainCelta Vigo2022
1946-47Telmo ZarraFrancoist SpainAthletic Bilbao3324
1945-46Telmo ZarraFrancoist SpainAthletic Bilbao2418
1944-45Telmo ZarraFrancoist SpainAthletic Bilbao2026
1943-44MundoFrancoist SpainValencia2826
1942-43Mariano MartinFrancoist SpainBarcelona3023
1941-42MundoFrancoist SpainValencia2725
1940-41PrudenFrancoist SpainAthletic Madrid3322
1939-40Víctor UnamunoFrancoist SpainAthletic Bilbao2022
1935-36Isidro LangaraSpanish RepublicOviedo 28                                                                                                                                                                                     21
1934-35Isidro LangaraSpanish RepublicOviedo2722
1933-34Isidro LangaraSpanish RepublicOviedo2618
1932-33Manuel OlivaresSpanish RepublicReal Madrid1614
1931-32BataSpainAthletic Bilbao1318
1930-31BataSpainAthletic Bilbao2717
1929-30Guillermo GorostizaSpainAthletic Bilbao2018
1929Paco BienzobasSpainReal Sociedad1718

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