FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


What is World Cup?

It is a tournament that was inaugurated in 1930 by the Federation Internationale de Football Association-FIFA which is played after every four years by member national team men.

When will the World cup 2022 be played?

The next World Cup will be hosted by Qatar between November 21, 2022, to December 18, 2022

How many teams will participate in the 2022 World Cup?

A total of 32 teams will participate in the competition with 65 games set to be played in 8 different stadiums. These teams will be the ones that will have qualified from the six continental confederations of FIFA subject to Individual competition held by each member.

Why will World Cup be played in November and December?

Ideally, the World Cup is normally played in the month of May, June, and July but to your surprise, the 2022 World Cup will be held in November and December, but why? With this question in mind, it is important to note Qatar experience Summer in the normal World Cup period of June and July. To this end, it was termed necessary to reschedule it to November-December so as to avoid the huge heat of the summer.

Will World Cup affect league games?

The Premier League will be altered to allow players to join their national teams that will qualify. The plan is to take a break after the November 12 weekend until the final of the World is held then a resumption of League games as from December 26, 2022.

What stadiums will the World Cup get Played?

1.Lusail Stadium

Located at Lusail, it’s the largest stadium with a capacity of 80,000. The stadium will host the opening celebration, five group games, one round of 16 game, one-quarter final, the semifinal, and the finals.

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2. Al Bayt Stadium

Located at Al Khor, the stadium has a capacity of 60,000 seats. It will play a host of five group matches, one round of 16, one quarter-final, and a semi-Final.

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3. Al Janoub Stadium

This stadium is located at Al Wakrah and holds 40,000 people. Five group games and one round of 16 will be held here.

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4. Khalifa International Stadium

Another stadium at Al Wakrah with a capacity of 40,000 shall host five group Matches, one round of 16, and the third-place game.

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5. Al Thumama Stadium

The stadium is located in Doha and can hold up to 40,000 people. Here a total of five group games will be played, one round of 16 games and a quarter-final.

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6. Education City Stadium

With a capacity of 45, 350, the Al Rayyan-based stadium will host five group games, a round of 16 game, and a quarter-final.

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7. Ras Abu Aboud Stadium

A round of 16 games and five group games will be hosted by this stadium that is located in Doha.

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8.Ahmed bin Ali Stadium

Found in Al Rayyan with a capacity of 44,740, the stadium will entertain five group games and a round of 16 matches.

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 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification criteria

Without a doubt, every country would wish to participate in the World Cup but given that only 32 teams take part then the FIFA Council formerly the FIFA Executive Committee makes the decision on which teams will participate. First and foremost, a FIFA Congress was held on May 30, 2015 in Zurich for this purpose.

Following this meeting, the committee announced that all its 211 member associations would organize through FIFA’s six continental confederations a competition through which they will compete for the World Cup slots as allocated for each confederation by FIFA.

Important to note is that no changes were done but the committee adopted the allocation criteria that have been used since the years 2006, 2010, 2014, and the last World Cup of 2018 that was held in Russia.

Wondering what was that criteria? Well the allocation was that the CAF (Africa) gets five slots, AFC (Asia) allocated 4.5 slots, UEFA (Europe) takes 13 slots, CONCACAF (North and Central America and the Caribbean) with 3.5 slots, OFC (Oceania) 0.5 and finally, CONMEBOL (South America) gets 4.5 slots. Along with the host nation Qatar, a total of 32 teams book themselves a ticket in the competition.

2022 FIFA World Video Assistant Referees (VAR)

In Russia 2018, the Video Assistant Referees (VAR) was introduced in the tournament for the first time after using the goal-line technology (GLT) in Brazil 2014. 335 incidents were subjected to VAR check and 14 of them were changed after review the first check being in a game between France and Australia as France won a penalty following the check.

During the 2020 World Cup qualifiers initial stages, VAR was not used based on risk associated to COVID 19 but the committee held a meeting in July 2021 and held that the system be used in the remaining games effective September 2021. The VAR is used to check there was a goal or no goal, if a penalty should or should not be awarded, whether a foul committed warranty a red card and cases of mistaken identity when issuing a yellow card.

What is the FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule?

As confirmed by FIFA on July 15, 2020, the World Cup 2022 schedule will feature an opening game by host nation Qatar at Al Bayt Stadium.  Thereafter, four group games will be played on a daily basis followed by the knockout stage. At Khalifa International stadium, a third and fourth-place finish will be held before the final on December 28, 2022, at Lusail Iconic Stadium.

FIFA World Cup 2022 fixtures

Group stage games

Effective November 21, 2022, six group games for each group will be played until December 2, 2022 with top two teams from each eight groups qualifying for the knock out stage. Below is a breakdown of each group game featuring the dates they will be played.

Group A

November 21, 2022Qatar vs Ecuador
November 21, 2022Senegal vs Netherlands
November 25, 2022Qatar vs Senegal
November 25, 2022Netherlands vs Ecuador
November 29, 2022Netherlands vs Qatar
November 29, 2022Ecuador vs Senegal

Group B

November 21, 2022England vs Iran
November 21, 2022USA vs WAL/UKR/SCO
November 25, 2022England vs USA
November 25, 2022WAL/UKR/SCO vs Iran
November 29, 2022WAL/UKR/SCO vs England
November 29, 2022Iran vs USA

Group C

November 22, 2022Argentina vs Saudi Arabia
November 22, 2022Mexico vs Poland
November 26, 2022Argentina vs Mexico
November 26, 2022Poland vs Saudi Arabia
November 30, 2022Poland vs Argentina
November 30, 2022Saudi Arabia vs Mexico

Group D

November 22, 2022France vs AUS/UAE/PER
November 22, 2022Denmark vs Tunisia
November 26, 2022France vs Denmark
November 26, 2022Tunisia vs AUS/UAE/PER
November 30, 2022Tunisia vs France
November 30, 2022AUS/UAE/PER vs Denmark

Group E

November 23, 2022Spain vs CRC / NZ
November 23, 2022Germany vs Japan
November 27, 2022Spain vs Germany
November 27, 2022Japan vs CRC / NZ
December 1, 2022Japan vs Spain
December 1, 2022CRC / NZ vs Germany

Group F

November 23, 2022Belgium vs Canada
November 23, 2022Morocco vs Croatia
November 27, 2022Belgium vs Morocco
November 27, 2022Croatia vs Canada
December 1, 2022Croatia vs Belgium
December 1, 2022Canada vs Morocco

Group G

November 24, 2022Brazil vs Serbia
November 24, 2022Switzerland vs Cameroon
November 28, 2022Brazil vs Switzerland
November 28, 2022Cameroon vs Serbia
December 2, 2022Cameroon vs Brazil
December 2, 2022Serbia vs Switzerland

Group H

November 24, 2022Portugal vs Ghana
November 24, 2022Uruguay vs South Korea
November 28, 2022Portugal vs Uruguay
November 28, 2022South Korea vs Ghana
December 2, 2022South Korea vs Portugal
December 2, 2022Ghana vs Uruguay

Knockout Stage

Round of 16

December  3, 2022Group A winner vs Group B Runner-up (Match 49)Khalifa International Stadium
December  3, 2022Group C winner vs Group D Runner-up (Match 50)Ahmed bin Ali  Stadium
December  4, 2022Group D winner vs Group C Runner-up (Match 51)Al Thumama Stadium
December  4, 2022Group B winner vs Group A Runner-up (Match 52)Al Bayt Stadium
December  5, 2022Group E winner vs Group F Runner-up (Match 53)Al Janoub Stadium
December  5, 2022Group G winner vs Group H Runner-up (Match 54)Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
December  6, 2022Group F winner vs Group E Runner-up (Match 55)Education City Stadium
December  6, 2022Group H winner vs Group H Runner-up (Match 56)Lusail Iconic Stadium


December  9, 2022Match 53 winner vs  Match 54 Winner (Match 58)Education City Stadium
December  9, 2022Match 49 winner vs  Match 50 Winner (Match 57)Lusail Iconic Stadium
December  10, 2022Match 55 winner vs  Match 56 Winner (Match 60)Al Thumama Stadium
December  10, 2022Match 51 winner vs  Match 52 Winner (Match 59)Al Bayt Stadium


December  13, 2022Match 57 winner vs  Match 58 Winner (Match 61)Lusail Iconic Stadium
December  14, 2022Match 59 winner vs  Match 60 Winner (Match 62)Al Bayt Stadium

Third Place

December  17, 2022Match 61 Loser vs Match 62 Loser (Match 63)Khalifa International Stadium


December  18, 2022Match 61 Winner vs Match 62 Winner (Match 64)Lusail Iconic Stadium

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